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by FreeStuffDay on July 23, 2011

Many people are thrilled when they find products they need or are interested in for free. This is why is such a great website. They offer a large selection of free samples that can be of interest to almost anyone. Everything from pet supplies to health products is available for free on this website. While it may sound too good to be true, many retailers offer samples to customers in hopes that it will gain them interest and spark some purchases in the future.

Products and Samples Available

There are many categories available from While the selection of free stuff varies from week to week, there is always a continuous stream of freebies and promotions taking place. This means that an individual can find different things to pick up at any time.

  • A popular section that many bargain-hunting moms are interested in is baby stuff and children. The deals available vary from diaper samples to free magazine subscriptions about child care.
  • Coupons and vouchers are a popular category for many people due to the restaurant deals and discounts that can be found. Everything from huge percentages off to B1G1 coupons is available.
  • Many people are interested in the finance section due to the valuable help it can provide. Fee-free banking is a popular interest of many people, along with free online quotes and budgeting systems.
  • Reward programs are easy to find through Free Stuff due to the large selection in the Reward Programs category. Credit cards, cash rewards, and more promotions are available for users to check out and sign up for.

Checking out the continuously changing products and samples will give an individual a huge chance they find something that interests them.

Convenience for Users

One of the best things about is that membership is completely free. All an individual needs to do is enter their email address and name to set up a password and select what categories interest them. Not only will they be able to share comments and reviews about different free stuff, they will also be able to share new stuff with others. A reward system is also set up for members. Competitions often take place for members to partake in and get the most savings.

Tons of saving and free samples can be found just by browsing through The site is set up to be very user-friendly so it shouldn’t be intimidating for new members. There is a broad range of categories, each filled with special promotions and samples for members to take advantage of. Competitions and the review system allows users to share deals with others and begin to buzz about some of the savings that are available.

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